Inspired by requests I made a quick tutorial how to archive the tiled roof effect of the  Fortified Church I posted some weeks ago:


You will need

  • a sharp hobby knife
  • a coin
  • corrugated cardboard

Working steps

I. Cut out of corrugated cardboard the desired shape for your roof

II. Carefully cut lines on the “curvy” side of the cardboard without cutting comletely through the flat backside.


III. The result should look something like this: The cradboard is still in one piece and because of the cutted lines you can easily bend the cardboard.


IV. Now take a coin and carefully press the cardboard down with it along one side of each cutline to create the illusion of layered tiles.



V. Finish the whole piece of carboard and model your building 🙂

The big advantage of using this method is, that it´s relatively easy to model buildings with complex roofes like the church building has in a very short amount of time (with gnarly ankles and triangular shapes). In my experience that´s not archivable with the common method of glueing single strips of cardboard one above the other.

Happy modelling!

PS: In case there is something unclear, drop me a comment below and I will try to clarify.