For my Ottoman general I needed a Kapikülü bodyguard unit and I couldn´t find any horses with suitable barding and riders for them. So I sculpted one horse and rider as a master and made copies with green- and bluestuff. I´m happy how they turned out and so far, my Ottomans are finished for now …

Next army project
Some weeks ago I modelled a unit of Highlanders from Clan Campbell for my feudal Scottish army. Those guys were mainly made with some horribly half-painted old highlander and islemen miniatures which I used for Warhammer Historical around 15 years ago. As I still had minitures left, I decided that I will give those also a polish and use them to build up a Highlander and Islemen army around the time 1410 – 1430 for To the strongest in the next weeks.

Model requirement (ca.)
120x Warrior models
24x Bowmen
12x Skirmishers

The starting point 🙂