Since I started this blog, I was quiet unhappy that I didn´t have a nice large photo background for taking photos on my table (Like for example one, which the Perry brothers use on their facebook page). Because of that I researched and learned that most hobbyists use MDF or Cardboard painted or with photo as a backdrop for taking pictures. Although the results are very nice, I searched for something with larger screen space, which is more practical, which is easy to store and something with which I could take photos without someone who holds the background all the time.

The idea

20200212_081620Using a tripod projector screen as a basis. I found one on ebay (used) for 2 EUR. As the 4:3 format is rarely used nowadays lots of used dia projection screens are available out there for really small money. The screen size is ca. 120 x 120 cm, which is plenty for wargaming photos.





20200212_113142Once it arrived, I started to paint a cloudy sky on it with acrylic paints. Because the sky blue was too blue for my taste, I mixed in some white, a bit of black and added some water.


20200212_083652Then I started to paint from the top down until the whole screen was in a nice sky blue.

After that I used some citadel white primer (corax white) and carefully added some clouds.

Finally I mixed some sky blue with white, again added some water and painted some blue spaces between the corax white clouds.

The result …


and some test shots


I´m 100% happy with that solution and hope that I could give some good inspiration.

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