The Hanseatic League in Wikipedia

Generally I like to create little stories for my historical armies, before I start building them. This helps me to give them direction and “logic” for painting and unit building. The direction of my hanseatic army is to have a core of city troops from Lübeck*: Mounted Men-at-arms, Crossbowmen, Handgunners and a Light field gun. They are supported by ship crews (Schiffskinder) and sergeants from other hanseatic kontors around the Baltic Sea, whose cogs are currently in the port of Lübeck. The whole contingent could have been commanded by a family member of the von Rinteln family.

Schiffskinder from Danzig
Probably a hanseatic ship crew led by their captain.


Schiffskinder from Wismar
A captain and his crew.


Schiffskinder from Königsberg
Another ship crew ready to fight for the interests of the Hanseatic League.


Crossbowmen from Lübeck


Handgunners from Lübeck


Men-at-Arms from Lübeck


Sergeants from Riga


Light field gun